Our mission is to connect clients to trusted, local experts in an easy and efficient manner, delivering quick responses, fair pricing and great service

We are a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who are passionate about making your life a little easier by finding, vetting and managing Service Partners for your installation. Our objective is to take the headache out of floor, tile and plumbing installations by providing a professional service supported by Service Partners who share our passion for customer service.

Whether its tiling, laminate flooring, cladding or plumbing, OnCallSA provides reliable, suitably qualified, vetted Service Partners to attend to installations. Simply register and submit your request online by providing basic information on the work you need done. We then jump into action and arrange a pre-vetted, local Service Partner to conduct a site visit and generate your quotation. If you require a second or third quotation, just let us know! Should you accept the quotation we schedule the installation at a time that suits you.

Our rigorous vetting process ensures only suitably qualified and experienced people without any criminal records get admitted to our panel of Partners. In addition, we use a combination of customer feedback and internal quality assurance checks to ensure only the best performers are made available to our clients.

We offer our clients more than a curated listing service – we offer peace of mind. When requesting help, you will be matched with a professional Service Partner who has the appropriate equipment, skills and transportation to complete the job to the required standards. Should you not be 100% satisfied with their service, OnCallSA will get fully involved to help manage the situation until the problem is resolved.

Our Promise to You



Our Service Partners are comprehensively vetted and only those who meet our minimum requirements are allowed to join our panel. We check many facets including professional qualifications, trade references, criminal record, credit record, work permits and negative publicity via social media. We also check they have suitable tools and transport to do the job properly.


You will no longer waste hours trying to find a good service provider. We will send you an approved Service Partner who is located close to you reducing your waiting time. If you do not accept the first Partners quote, we will gladly send an alternative Partner.


OnCallSA has many Service Partners on its panel which means increased availability. We are flexible and will do our best to accommodate you when it comes to the timing of your installation.


Should you have any problems with a Service Partner, we immediately step in to resolve the issue. If required, we will call in the advice of an expert at no cost to you. Our Partners also have proper insurance cover in place should something go wrong. Be assured we will always be there for you!


We provide you with recommended rates based on the size and complexity of the job. The final rate you pay is however negotiated between you and the Service Partner. If you want a second quote, we will gladly arrange this for you.


Payment is made easy using EFT, Credit Card or PayPal.


While we can never guarantee absolute safety, we reduce the risk by subjecting our Service Partners and their employees to criminal checks, ID verification and if they are non South African’s we validate work permits. Once approved Service Partners and their staff are issued with photo ID’s so you can control who is allowed onto your premises.


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