Service Providers

+ - 1. What are the benefits for OnCallSA Service Partners?

  • Marketing: OnCallSA provides you a full marketing solution and through our partnership with CTM, you are part of the recommended panel of installers to South Africa’s largest flooring retailer. This means that over time, you can significantly reduce your marketing activity, saving a fortune.
  • Location ring-fencing: OnCallSA intelligently allocates work within specific geographic areas. By doing more work in a smaller geographic area, you can reduce unproductive travelling time and increase billable time. Less travel means less fuel, lower maintenance costs and less servicing.
  • Scheduling: OnCallSA allocates work via the online scheduler. This means you have one electronic diary to manage your activity and do not over commit to appointments.
  • No late payments or bad debts: With OnCallSA you no longer have to deal with late payments or bad debts. We manage the payment process and as long as you abide by our simple processes while on site, you will no longer have any charge-backs, slow payers or bad debts. You also save on bank and credit card fees as we pay these costs and don’t pass them on to you.
  • Better buying: Through our relationship, we have negotiated preferred prices for you from CTM. Should you need adhesives, trimmings or any other materials, you automatically qualify for wholesale prices from CTM. If you have a good credit rating, you will have access to a CTM trade account.
  • Accounting: OnCallSA has a built in quote, invoicing and payment mechanism meaning you no longer have to sweat over admin. We also provide you with management information for record keeping and tax purposes.

+ - 2. How are OnCallSA and CTM related?

OnCallSA and CTM are separate, unrelated entities. CTM has partnered with OnCallSA to provide CTM customers a credible and reliable installation solution after purchasing product from CTM.

+ - 3. What do I need to become an OnCallSA Service Partner?

We have established minimum requirement which must be met and maintained. These are important to ensure we admit quality Service Partners to our panel and deliver a superior service to Clients. Our minimum requirements include:

  1. Must share our passion for exceptional customer service and be prepared to work to OnCallSA’s high service ethic
  2. Must be well presented and be fluent in English
  3. Be a South African citizen or have a valid South African work permit
  4. No criminal convictions or pending criminal court cases
  5. Clear credit record with no judgement during the past 3 years
  6. Valid South African bank account
  7. Working smart phone and the ability to use mobile apps
  8. At least 2 years’ experience in the relevant trade
  9. Produce at least 2 good trade references
  10. Access to a well maintained and reliable vehicle (less than 8 years old)
  11. Have all the tools required to perform the work adequately
  12. Provide proof of Professional Indemnity, Third Party Liability Insurance to the value of R1 000 000 or higher.
  13. In the case of a trade which is governed by a professional body (such as Plumbers), provide proof of registration and paid up membership

+ - 4. Do the minimum requirements apply to my employees?

Absolutely. The requirements are fewer however we need to be sure all your employees meet our standards before we allow them to attend to Clients premises. Our minimum requirements include:

  1. Must share our passion for exceptional customer service and be prepared to work to OnCall’s high service ethic
  2. Be a South African citizen or have a valid South African work permit
  3. No criminal convictions or pending criminal court cases
  4. Working smart phone and the ability to use mobile apps (Supervisors who will act as Team Leaders only)

Note that the cost of criminal checks of your employees is for the Service Providers expense.

+ - Accordion Title

We will do some initial screening and if successful a once-off registration fee of R299 (VAT inclusive) per Service Partner is payable before progressing to final checks. The registration fee includes criminal and credit checks for the business owner.

+ - 6. Once I’ve joined, what does it cost to use OnCallSA?

To remain registered on the platform, you are required to pay a monthly service fee as follows:
Service Partner: R299 (VAT incl) per month in advance.
Per Team: R99 (VAT incl) per month in advance
All fees are payable by the last day of each month. Once you are on our system, you may elect to have the fees automatically deducted from any payments due to you.

+ - 7. What is the difference between a Service Partner and Team?

Each Service Partner we deal with may have a different business structure. Here is how we categorise the people we work with

+ - 8. How does payment work?

Once the Quotation is accepted, OnCallSA arranges for the Client to pay a deposit. Once we receive this, we pay you 30% of the job at our next payment run. Once the work is successfully completed, and the Client pays us, we settle the balance at the next payment run. Our payment runs take place every Thursday.

+ - 9. What happens if a customer doesn’t pay or credit card is charged back?

OnCallSA has some procedures reducing the risk of this which you need to follow when on site. If you have followed the rules, we carry the risk of non-payment.

+ - 10. Why should I become an OnCallSA Partner?

Everyone that recognises the current method of doing business in this industry is ineffective and inefficient. OnCallSA provides a location based on-demand platform which helps you generate higher revenue and substantially improve profitability. It also provides a platform for you to scale your business up. If you share our passion for exceptional customer service, are suitably qualified/registered, well presented and have a clean criminal record, we invite you to join.

+ - 11. Do I have to run my entire business through OnCallSA?

We recognise you may have existing clients and as such, we do not expect you to dedicate 100% of your time to OnCallSA. We provide the flexibility for you (or your teams) to enter and exit the platform when required. If you are busy with other work or not available, simply indicate this on the platform and no jobs will be allocated during this time.

+ - 12. How does pricing work?

OnCallSA publishes a recommended price range to guide both Service Partners and Clients as to what is considered fair and reasonable in the industry. Service Partners decide on what price to quote within this range depending on the complexity and unique circumstances affecting a particular job. Should the Client not be satisfied with the rate, they are encouraged to contact OnCallSA and we shall attempt to assist them in receiving a revised price from yourself or an alternative Provider. We are professionals and don’t over-charge or low-ball (where a quote for work is purposefully reduced to get the work and then increased afterwards)

+ - 13. Is OnCallSA just another Marketing scheme?

Absolutely not. OnCallSA provides you access to real demand for installation services (such as tiling, flooring installations, cladding and plumbing) generated through CTM stores nationwide via our electronic market place. We facilitate the co-ordination of work between yourself and Clients including scheduling, timing, quoting, invoicing, payments and dispute resolution. We work together to deliver exceptional service when clients need us.

+ - 14. Locations

Our services currently extend to Northern Johannesburg however we are on an aggressive roll-out plan and expect to be represented nationwide before the end of 2016.

+ - 15. Limitations

We balance the number of Service Partners per area to demand ensuring that you have a meaningful flow of work from our platform. We will admit Service Partners to the platform on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in joining us, register without delay.

+ - 16. How to register?

For any additional questions or to register today, drop us an email at and we will get back to you within 8 working hours!

+ - 17. Vehicles and equipment

Prior to admission, you need to prove you have a vehicle in good running order. We do an inspection of your vehicle and check for general condition, service history, cleanliness and confirm ownership. To ensure reliability, we only accept vehicles which are 8 years old or less and have less than 250 000kms. In addition, we have a list of minimum equipment which every OnCallSA Service Partner must have in their vehicles at all times. This ensures we are able to attend to 90% of customers needs’ on site. Compliance is verified on registration and randomly checked thereafter. Once your vehicle is approved, you will receive a removable decal which needs to be placed on the vehicle.

+ - 18. Training

All Service Partners and their staff attend a brief training session for 2-3 hours. We cover a host of subjects including service standards, health and safety and how to use the OnCallSA platform. If you need any help or advice after this, we have a team who will help.

+ - 19. Admission criteria

To ensure only the best make it onto our panel, we spend a great deal of time vetting potential Service Partners. This vetting process includes verification of ID and work permits (if applicable), criminal checks, credit checks, registration with professional bodies (if applicable), references and audits of social media compliments/complaints. We score every applicant and will only admit those that meet our standards. If you are unsuccessful, we will provide you feedback on deficits so that you can work on these and re-apply when you have met the standards.

+ - 20. Customer ratings

Customer ratings are requested after every job you complete. Should a Service Partner not meet the minimum score, we will provide feedback on the issues raised and provide remedial training before allowing you back on the panel. Should performance not improve satisfactorily, you will be removed from the panel.

To become a Service Partner, please complete the application form on our website.

For enquiries, please contact us at